Other foundation services

Installation, cleaning and replacement of French drains

We strongly recommend the installation of French drains around the whole of the foundation walls when a water infiltration is evident in many areas. This installation will prevent the accumulation of underground water near the foundations walls by draining it the farthest away from the dwelling. Drains should lead the collected water to a sewer, a ditch or a sump pump. The recommended drain is made from plastic, with a diameter of 4 inches, flexible or rigid with small perforations that allow water to enter the French drain. It is covered with a layer of gravel and a geotextile membrane is added on top of the stone to prevent mud, dirt and residue from seeping inside the drain and causing possible future obstruction.

The life expectancy of French drains is approximately 30 years, depending on the installation methods used. Sooner or later, all buildings may experience drainage problems.

Installation of interior or exterior pumps and basins

Inside sump pump: The installation of an interior water sump pump into your basement is essential helping to prevent flooding. As the water builds up along and under the structure of the basement, it is redirected into the sump hole and when it reaches a “critical” level, the sump pump starts to evacuate water before it reaches the basement floor. Ultimately, a sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in the long term by protecting against damages caused by water. Always have a back up pump ready in case your existing pump fails.

Outside sump pump: The installation of an external sump pump is required where the water table around the foundation is extremely high. This pump is installed in a rigid culvert attached to existing French drains, and placed about 2 feet below foundation walls and helps to lower the water level as low as possible, thus preventing any water from coming in to contact with the foundation footings and the actual basement floor slab. This system facilitates access to French drains for easier inspection and cleaning from the outside.

Excavation services

We also provide excavation for levelling, extensions, ditches, repairing cracks, installation or replacement of French drains, sanitary or water sewer, tree stump or root removal. Underground roots can damage, proliferate and block your foundation drainage system and must be removed. For all types of projects, we are the partner you’re looking for!

Emergency services

Whether for water damages, sewer or any other type of problem caused by water infiltration or poor drainage, be aware that we offer emergency services 24 / 7. For peace of mind, contact Les Fondations d’Aujourd’hui Inc.

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